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Toddler Wars: Toothbrushing

Let’s face it – getting your toddler to brush their teeth can be a trying chore. They want to just eat the toothpaste off the brush, or they won’t open their mouth, or maybe they just refuse altogether. While we must continue on our quest to get those teeth brushed, there is something else we […]

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DIY Diaper Rash Cream

I think there are a growing number of moms out there who are opting for a more natural approach to health and wellness and I wholeheartedly agree. We are exposed daily to a lot of chemicals and impurities in the environment. From smog in the air and chemicals in plastics to all the junk filler […]

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My Daughter is a Boobaholic!

Notice I did not say “milkaholic.” I mean, she does love milk but….boobies are the bomb to her! She would nurse morning, noon and night if I let her. She pats them while nursing or even when I’m carrying her. When she sees me naked, she yells “boobies!” with a big smile on her face […]